Energy Services Case Study: Outsourcing Leads to Increased Sales
By outsourcing its inbound campaigns to Results, the Leading Energy Services provider was able to increase its phone sales by more than 22%, with a longer average lifetime per customer.
The Leading Energy Services Company examined in this case study is the largest energy and home services retailer in North America. The company also offers facility maintenance; installation and servicing of plumbing; heating, air and ventilation; energy consulting and energy audits. A green energy innovator, they have pioneered the relatively new areas of wind power, open market energy procurement, carbon and renewable energy credits, and energy auctions. Upwards of eight million customers rely on the group for their energy needs, and their market is expanding exponentially. The Leading Energy Service Company has traditionally operated a “big box” internal call center to field calls from customers looking to procure its services. Customers call about a wide range of topics, including questions about existing services and pricing options. The company’s contact center operation is key to driving sales.